Line Level approval feature helps the system drive approvals of each line on the expense report uniquely based on the Project the user has assigned on the respective expense line. When the user creates an expense, the system will let the user choose from various projects he or she is associated with. Upon submission of the expense report, each line on the report will be assigned for approval to the respective project manager belonging to the project selected by the user.  


The pre-requisites required for line level approvals to work are -


1. The Generic email id of the project manager has to be assigned as approver on the user profiles. This generic email ID associated with a placeholder approver will be replaced by the project manager associated with the project assigned on the expense line once the user submits the expense report 


Once the feature is enabled, the Admin can go to "Masters => User" and go to Edit User screen and add a generic project manager's email id which is configured in the application and hit the save button. This generic email ID is associated with another user profile in the system. So please make sure you first create this generic user profile.



2. Project field has to be enabled on the "Masters-> Role Expense Detail Mapping" option. Once enabled projects have to be assigned to users by going to the "Project Masters => Project User Mapping" in case you want to limit which projects respective users see. Mapping the projects to the users ensures users can only see the assigned projects. This step is optional - if mapping is not done for any user in the system, user will see all projects by default.  You can instead also map the user's role to the projects by going to "Project Masters => Project Role Mapping" -> this will ensure all users belonging to the Role selected are mapped to the desired projects. In this example, we will look at mapping Projects to user by going to the "Project Masters => Project User Mapping". Select the project and then map the users to it and hit the 'Save' button 


3. Project managers need to be mapped to the projects which they will be approving. Once mapped they will act as approvers for those projects. You can also give "View only" access to expenses by checking the "Reports only" checkbox. This option enables the user to view the data associated with the assigned projects, but not allow the user to approve them


The required managers are selected from the Unassigned Managers block and moved to the Assigned Managers block - refer below screenshot. The managers available here to be mapped are any users in the system with "User Type" manager. 


On clicking the Project Authorization link a pop up with a list of assigned managers will be visible with options “Default Manager” and “Is Report only”, in this the admin can choose which managers can be selected as approvers by checking the check box and which can be kept as Is report only managers. The “Is report only” managers would be just able to view the reports and not approve or reject them. 



When an expense report having line level approvals configured it will show the different approval managers for the expenses coded for different jobs when the user submits the report. In this case the user selected project "10000 General Overhead" and the approver for that project was "Joy Miller", hence upon submission the line went to "Joy Miller"



When Joy Miller opens the report, he will see the line he has access to approve. A checkbox next to the line is visible.     


Upon clicking the checkbox and approving the line, the checkbox is no longer visible. 



If a line is rejected by the manager, the user will see the "Submit" option on that reject line to edit and resubmit the line