or customers who require to maintain mileage rates based on the distance traveled by the user, Gorilla Expense has a "Mileage Range" feature. This feature address the Irish government's requirement, specified in the link below -


This feature can also be used by Canadian customers, as the mileage rate is Canada reduced once 5000 kms are travelled by a user in a fiscal year. For Canadian users, there is no need to maintain car engine size. 


To be able to use this feature, the first step is to maintain mileage rates for various bands that include combination of Distance and Engine Size. The second step is to assign the user on the user profile the Engine Type and indicate what type of mileage they will be doing (in this case Range Based Mileage). Once these two steps are configured (refer step 1 and 2 below), then while create an expense, once the user selects the mileage expense type, we can automatically populate the corresponding rate associated with that selection, which the user won't be able to change. 

1) We can maintain the rates based on the engine size in the system. Admin can maintain/update these ranges as and when required. Please see the screenshot below. For Canadian customer, a single engine type “NA or Default” can be maintained.

2) The next step is to assign the Engine size on each user profile (so that the system knows each user's car's engine size) and indicate that the user will be using this mileage range feature instead of the standard mileage feature.

3) Based on the engine size and the mileage rates maintained in the system, the user's mileage rate is determined when the user selects Mileage expense from the expense type dropdown based on the user’s historical travel. This rate is calculated based on the band the user is in at that time of creating the expense (based on historic mileage), engine size, and the date. In the example below, the rate of 0.434 is already automatically calculated and populated. The user cannot change it. This was calculated because the user has 1201 CC – 1500 C engine and has travelled less than 1500 miles (cumulative) between 1st January and 22nd May 2023. Referring to step 1, this gives 0.434

To summarize, the rate is calculated based on 

  • The engine size assigned on the user profile and the corresponding rate maintained in step 1, 
  • Total distance travelled by the user so far in the desired period (the period start and end dates are maintained in step 1)
  • Rate applicable for the total distance travelled for the date range maintained in step 1. The expense date selected by the user determines which date range and mileage rate combination is to be used.    

4) Admins as well as users can run a report to see how many miles are consumed for the selected date range. 

Also, on each user profile information is available to see the Total Distance Traveled by that user, refer below screen shot.  

The total distance travelled by the user is displayed on the user profile in the format shown below.