What is GSA Per Diem Feature?

GSA Per Diem is a daily allowance given to the employees to cover their business trip expenses, based on the General Service Administration (GSA) Per Diem rates. Gorilla Expense now supports this feature. Based on the location selected by the user, we pull in the corresponding GSA rate from GSA's website in real-time. This way the customer only has to do a one-time configuration and no ongoing maintenance of GSA rates is required.

How to configure the GSA Per Diem Feature:

Make sure the GSA Per Diem feature is added in your environment, you can request support@gorillaexpense.com to add it if you have not used this feature before. 

To use this feature, the admin needs to add the per diem expense types with respective expense categories. The per diem categories are:

  1. Per Diem MIE Total GSA
  2. Per Diem Breakfast GSA
  3. Per Diem Lunch GSA
  4. Per Diem Dinner GSA
  5. Per Diem Incidental GSA
  6. Per Diem Lodging GSA

1. Click on the "Masters" tab --> select the "Expense Type" link as shown below.

2. To create a new per diem expense type click on the "Create New" button. 

3. Select the required per diem category in the Expense Type Category field. For example, to add the expense type as Lunch/Mid-Day Meal need to select the respective per diem category which is Per Diem Lunch GSA. Then fill-up the required fields and click on the "Create" button to save the details. 

Once the per diem expense type is created by the admin, the pier diem rate auto populates for the user when the user selects the Expense type, state and city. The converted(Total) amount is auto calculated as per the policy and per diem rate maintained in the application.

As maintained in the General Service Administration (GSA)’s website Per Diem rates for first and last calendar day is calculated at 75 percent as shown in the above example. This can also be configured in Gorilla Expense to 100 percent