The Auto Create Report feature will make your life easy by creating expense reports containing all your corporate credit card charges for you. If you have all the receipts ready in the Receipt Box (and the Receipt Scan feature is enabled), then we will scan the receipt and attach it to the corresponding expense line when that line is imported from the Credit Card provider. In addition, we will add the expense line to the corresponding expense report. If an expense report is not found, a new report will be created corresponding to the credit card statement period (corresponding to the credit card statement Start Date and End Date) and will contain all expenses in it including the receipt attachments. You just need to complete the expense coding (if different from default coding) and submit the expense report.

1. Keep your all receipts ready in the receipt box. As a best practice, make sure you add the receipt to the Receipt Box as soon as you have it. We will start scanning them so that we can use the scanned values to match the receipts to the corresponding corporate credit card expense lines when they are imported at a later point in time (usually 1-2 days from the time of actual charge). 

2. When we import the credit card/bank transactions and receipts are already added in the receipt box then while importing the transactions if you have the receipt corresponding to the transaction being imported then we will merge it. Also, if there is a report that was already created corresponding to the credit card statement date range, then we attach that transaction to that report. Otherwise, we will create a new report and add the transaction to that report. Even if the receipt is not there in the Receipt Box, then also that transaction will get added to the report and you can attach the receipt before submitting the report.

When you login to the system, you will see the report created on the home page (as shown below).

After opening the report, you can review the coding and if any receipt is missing, you can click on "Add Receipt" to add it (see screenshot below)

3. If any of the coding is missing or any of the required fields are missing on any of the expense lines, when you click on "Validate To submit" button without completing the missing coding, then you will get validation error as shown below. However, in some cases it is possible that all required fields are filled in with default values - Hence, the user should always review the coding on all expense lines before submitting it. 

4. Once the expenses are completed then click on the Validate To Submit button, If the report is valid, the Submit button will be visible. Once you click on the submit button, the report will be submitted to your manager for approval.