In this section, various expense types that have been defined in the application  can be assigned to roles. Any user who is assigned to a specific role will only see the expense types associated with that role. If no expenses types are associated, then the user will see all expense types (which is also the default behavior)

To assign the expense types to roles click on the "Masters" tab --> select the "Role Expense Type Mapping" as shown below.

On the Role Expense Type Maintenance screen, select the role you want to map to the expense type and click on the "Get Expense Type Details" button as shown below.

It will show the list of all Expense Types then by checking on the checkboxes you can select the expense type to be mapped to the selected role.

Once you have mapped the Expense Types to the Role then log in as a user (who is assigned to that specific role to which expense types are mapped) --> go to the Expenses --> click on Add New Expense and verify the new Expense Types are visible to the user.