The Project Masters button when clicked expands into multiple fields. This is where various parameters specific to various projects are defined and stored within the application. During the initial setup of the application, Gorilla Expense will set up certain parameters per the requirements of the customer.

1. Navigate to Project Masters Page:

Click on the "Project Masters" tab --> select the "Project" as shown below.

You can see the list of Projects exists in the application.

2. Search Project:

You can search the project with the project name, project code, and project status.

3. Create New Project:

To create a new project click on the "Create New" button as shown below. 

Fill-up the required fields and click on the "Create" button to save the project details as shown below.

The newly created project will get displayed on the project list.

4. Edit Project:

Click on a small pencil icon to edit the project as shown below.

If you want to close the project then select the status as "Closed" and click on the "Save" button as shown below.