Company Master is where you will maintain your company details to correspond to your Accounting system. 

1. Navigate to Company Master page:

Click on the "Masters" tab --> select the "Company" link as shown below.

It will show you the list of all company's in the application.

You can search the company with the company name and company code.

2. Create a New Company:

To create a new company click on the "Create New" button.

To add a new company, follow the steps and rules as stated in the grid below

Company NameEnter the Name of the companyAlphanumeric, with special charactersYes
Company codeEnter the GL Code of the new company (GP/NAV specific field – if you are not using GP/NAV, it can be left empty. Populate this field if you have company code as part of your GL Account segments while pushing expenses to Great Plains). This field can also be used to populate a NAV dimension. If this field is enabled the mapping can be configured in the integration appAlphanumeric, with special charactersYes
Company IdEnter the ID of the new company (GP specific field, company ID is the backend value of the company. This can be found from SQL server using the following SQL- SELECT cmpanyid,cmpnynam,interid FROM dymanics.dbo.sy01500)Alphanumeric, with special charactersNo
Connection stringEnter the Connection string required to connect to the Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or BC Web Services – if you are not using Dynamics, it can be left empty.Alphanumeric, with special charactersNo
LogoEnter the Logo of your company. This will be printed on the PDF preview of the expense reportPNG format image fileYes

Fill-up the required fields and click on the "Create" button to save the details.

The newly created company will get displayed on the company list.

3. Edit & Delete Company:

Click on a small pencil icon to edit the company as shown below.

Click on the delete icon to delete the company as shown below.

Once you have created the new Company, you can go ahead and update the user profile for all users who belong to the company you created. It is also possible that you can enable this field on the expense line level (by going to Masters -> Role Expense Detail Mapping -> select desired role and check "Enabled" checkbox in front of "Company" field"),  then log in as a user --> go to Expenses --> click on Add New Expense and verify the new Company is visible to the user.