Please refer to this blog for steps to create or edit a user profile

Disable / Enable the User:

It is not possible to delete a user profile in Gorilla Expense, as that would mean that the reports associated with the profile will also get delete or become orphan. 

However, you can disable a user profile, if the employee is no longer associated with your organization.

If you want to disable the user then open that user in edit mode --> Set Disabled User as "Yes" --> Click on the "Save" button then that user will be disabled and will not be able to access the account.

To Enable follow the same step and just set Disabled User? as "No", then the user will get enabled (Active).

Search users including Disable users:

By default, we are hiding the disabled users in the user list.


If you want to include the disabled users in the user list, then uncheck the Hide Disabled Users and search.

Reset Password:

To reset the user password open the user in edit mode and click on the Reset Password link, then the application will show the message as "Password was reset and emailed to the user".

Email is sent with the new password to the user on the configured email id in the application.

Note: If the user account got disabled due to multiple incorrect login attempts then first enable the user account then reset the password