The different phases of the implementation project are described below along with typical time frames to complete the tasks for the Gorilla Expense technical team 


Phase A) Information gathering & SOW

  • Gorilla Expense will prepare SOW based on the discovery document and provided SOW to the partner / customer for signing
  • Gorilla Expense will provide excel templates for importing master data to be filled in by the customer. These templates will be used to setup employees, expense types, pay methods etc. in the system.
  • Clarify questions from customer and assist with filling out the templates
  • Pencil in a target Go Live date.
  • Once the templates are complete, review with customer and make changes as needed.


Time frame for this phase: 0-1 Week



Phase B) Deploy, configure and setup application

  • Once the customer provides the signed SOW and filled in templates, Gorilla Expense will deploy the application 
  • Once the application is deployed, Gorilla Expense (or the partner) will configure the application and import the filled templates returned by the customers into Gorilla Expense
  • Partner typically helps with installing/setting up ERP Web Services or ERP integration components as required 
  • Gorilla Expense (or the partner) will install and setup GE Integration App to integrate with the ERP (Gorilla Expense expects the ERP to be functionally installed and completely setup prior to the integration work)
  • Gorilla Expense and Client works together to get connectivity established with Client’s bank in case any corporate credit card integration is involved
  • Review the overall setup of the application with customer and make changes as relevant.


Time frame for this phase: 2-3 weeks from the date filled templates are returned


Phase C) Training and Testing

  • Gorilla Expense will record Admin Training for the Admin users to view and get up to speed with the system 
  • Gorilla Expense will record User Training (on the Client’s system) for the users to view and get up to speed with the system
  • After Admin & user training, Admin/Super users will test the system and prepare for additional training material if required and Go-Live
  • Gorilla Expense will provide support during testing and will tweak any parameters, if needed once the testing is done.

Time frame for this phase: typically, testing is performed for 2-5 business days depending on the complexity of the implementation


Phase D) Go Live & post Go Live

  • Client plans for Go Live for all users based on the penciled in Go Live date.
  • Client sends training videos along with access info to the users
  • Gorilla Expense provides support to the customer’s Go Live team.


Time frame for this phase: 2 weeks