How do you import the Corporate Credit Card data into Gorilla Expense? Is it a queried batch list on our part, or is it a more real-time direct connection?

We have 3 formats for importing Corporate credit card (CCC) data, depending on your credit card program.

Format #1 is fully automated connection for Corporate Credit cards, where the CCC company sends data files to us on a periodic basis (typically daily), and our application automatically imports them into Gorilla Expense and makes it available to the respective users. The pre-requisite is that every user has their own unique credit card number and that your credit card program is a true Corporate credit/commercial card program.

Format #2 is also fully automated connection to your Business Credit Cards, where the connection to your bank is established via Online Banking credentials using a 3rd party called Plaid. Once connected, our application downloads transactions daily and imports/assigns them to respective users. The pre-requisite is that every user has their own unique credit card number and that your credit card program is a business card not a corporate card. The steps we will perform to connect your account are listed in the following link. These steps are similar to connecting your bank account to any of the 3rd Finance Apps like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Cash App. 

Link the Business Credit Card / Bank Account to Gorilla Expense

Once the connection is made any charges made on the credit card will be received by us within 2-5 days once they are posted. We will assign those to the respective user so they can complete the expense and submit it. Please note we do not store your banking credentials with us, they are simply used to connect and link our system with Citibank.  However, whenever you change your banking credentials, we will have to re-link our system with your bank again.

If format #1 or #2 is not available as part of your CCC program (usually a very rare case), then we have another option - refer to Format #3)  

Format #3 is semi-automated where your AP manager can download an Excel statement from the CCC / Bank’s website and import that into Gorilla Expense. We have a generic 'credit card import' excel file that can be used to import the data into the application. Again, the pre-requisite is that every user has a unique credit card number. Also, it would be beneficial if the data in the Excel statement downloaded from the bank is comprehensive enough to complete as much of the expense transaction as possible for the user. We use the Unique Reference ID (if available in the statement) to prevent the same transaction from being imported twice into the application.

Can you tell us what the automated credit card formats are and do you have a contact we can speak with to get us this format?

1. For VISA, the standard format for automated import is VCF4.0. You will need to contact your bank to enable this format, assuming your credit card program is a corporate/commercial card. Here is some additional reference information:

The VISA commercial card support team that our customers have emailed to help with enabling this format is You can try this email if you are not getting support from your bank

2. For AMEX, the standard global data feed format is GL1025. Related information:

The AMEX commercial card support team that our customers have emailed to enable this format is the Electronic Transmissions Team ( The typical AMEX SLA for a new set up is 15 days. However, they can expedite the process and complete the request in 5 days if the right set of documents has been provided to them. The AMEX TT team is available to answer any questions. In case of any clarifications please reach out to them at 1-800-337-7283. They are now available 24 hours 7 days in a week for clients.


3. For MasterCard, the standard global format to automate the import of credit card data is .CDF. The email we have on file from working with our other MasterCard customers to enable this format is

Additional contact info:

Customer Operations Services

MasterCard Worldwide

2200 MasterCard Boulevard

O’Fallon, MO 63368-7263


International: +1-636-722-6636, Option 3

Domestic: 800-288-3381, Option 3

Fax: 1-636-722-7192


MasterCard Smart Data Support number for vendors on CDF info: 800-207-7629

Citibank CDF number: 1-800-248-4553, Options 1, 3 and 6

Note that MasterCard may ask the customer to contact the bank first. By calling the MasterCard 1-800 number above, they will be able to provide the correct contact info for the respective bank and/or refer you to the correct person.


Note that the typical timeframe for the credit card service providers to enable their automated formats can sometimes take several weeks. The estimates provided here are from customers and can vary depending on your program. 

Does the application email employees when the automated corporate card transactions are imported into the application?

Yes, we have a feature where an email will be sent to the employee when there are coprporate card expenses imported and waiting for them to incorporate into an expense report.

Do you have an example of a generic email we can send to the credit card service provider asking them to enable this service or request additional information?

Here is an example email to send: 


Good afternoon,

My employer has the following corporate credit card with your organization - _________________ which is a/an AMEX/VISA/MasterCard. We are in the process of automating our credit card charges using a 3rd party expense application that is compatible with the GL1025 for AMEX / .VCF for VISA / .CDF for MasterCard file format. Can you advise us on the procedure to receive this file and how long it will take to implement?


Our company’s name is ____________________ and the account owner is / account number is setup under ______________________________. If we need to get Bank Name involved, please provide contact info to help us with any questions.


Thank you.