1. Login as Admin and go to Masters => User


       2. Search for the profile of the manager to whom you would like to provide admin access and edit the profile by clicking on the pencil icon next to the profile.


    3. Click on the ‘Advanced Authorizations’ link at the bottom of the profile to open the Advanced Authorization popup.



    4. Go to Admin Authorization tab and select the Admin Access checkbox. It will show you ‘Masters’ as the default menu selected under Select Menu Option and its associated sub-menus on the popup like below. If you want to provide full admin access (admin access to all menus and sub-menus) to the manager user then just click on Save button.


    5. If you want to provide menu-wise admin access i.e. for specific menus => sub-menus then refer the below steps (i, ii, iii)

  1. Admin access can be set for each of the menus from ‘Select Menu Option’  by selecting a menu for which access is to be set and then provide access right to its sub-menus as required.

    6. You can provide specific access rights on the sub menus. There are 3 access rights:


  • Create,Read,Update,Delete: Manager user will be able to access sub-menu with full access i.e. he can create, read, update and delete the master data of the sub-menu.
  • Read Only: Manager user will be able to access sub-menu in read only mode i.e Manager user cannot create or update the master data of the sub-menu.
  • None: Manager user cannot access the sub-menu when access right set to ‘None’.

    7. Click on Save to save the configuration.

The manager user to whom you have provided admin access, when logs into the application can then see the “Admin Console” option above to sign off like below. Using “Admin Console” link user can switch to the Admin Console.