Steps for Exporting Manager Approved Expense Reports in GP 2010 & above

  1. Gorilla Expense allows you to generate and export manager approved expenses that can be imported into GP 2010 & above via the Gorilla Integration app. 
  2. Login to the Gorilla Integration app with the admin credentials 
  3. You can download the Integration app from here -
  4. Go to File -> Export Expenses.  


    5. Typically, all manager approved expenses will be shown in the grid. Admin user can select the reports that need to be exported to GP by using the Select All option or individually selecting the reports by checking the check box in the select column. 

    6. In order to make sure that the same manager approved expenses are not downloaded again the next time you want to export manager approved expenses to your accounting system, select the status to AP Approved from the drop down. 


    7. On hitting the ‘Update Selected’ button the expense report is exported to GP 


    8. Once the expenses are exported to GP, you will need to login to GP and go to batches and select ‘Gorilla’


    9. On opening the batch and hit on the transaction button.


    10. Select the next arrow as shown in the screen below 

    11. This will give the detail view of the transaction with the mapped fields from Gorilla