You can now directly link your Business Credit Card/Bank Account with Gorilla Expense without saving the business credit card/bank account login details within Gorilla Expense. The advantages of linking your business card accounts are 

1) You do not have to wait till the month-end to upload the business credit card expenses into Gorilla Expense 

2) We import the Credit Card expenses on a daily basis automatically, eliminating the manual effort required to upload the statement into Gorilla Expense. 

3) This results in users being able to complete their expense report on time - instead of waiting till the end of the month.

Follow the steps to link the Business Credit Card/Bank Account:

1. Login into the application as an admin and go to the Expense Reports => Expenses.

2.  On the Expenses screen click on the Account Statement Import button.

3. Click on the Add account button.

4. Select the Pay Method and click on the Connect.

5. Click on the Continue button.

6. Search your bank name and select the bank.

7. Enter your credentials (i.e. your online banking credentials) and click on the Submit.

8. The Business Credit Card/Bank Account will get linked to the Gorilla Expense and the account statement/transactions will get imported daily.

Importing Statement On Demand:

By default, the expenses will be imported automatically, but it can happen that sometimes the link with your bank is broken (for instance when the password to your Bank's login was changed). In this case, you can click on "Edit Account Info" and reconnect your bank account. Once the account is reconnected, you can click on "Import Statement" and we will import all expenses since the last time expenses were imported successfully. In fact, any time you click on "Import Statement", we will import all the expenses since the last time there was a successful import.