Gorilla Expense has a "Create PDF" feature within Receipt Box, that allows you to combine multiple Receipts and/or any supporting documents into a single multi-page PDF file that can be then attached to the desired expense. 

Refer to the steps below to create a PDF which can be then attached to an expense -

1) Make sure all the receipts to be attached to an expense are uploaded in Receipt Box.

2) Under the “Receipt Box” menu select more than one Receipt (other than PDF Receipts) and then click on the “Options” button --> select the "Create PDF" option. 

3) On selection of “Create PDF” button,  “Arrange Receipts” pop up will get opened up where you can swap the order of the receipts. Click the “Next” button to preview the PDF, before you save the final version of PDF by clicking the “Save PDF” button.


4) The PDF will be successfully saved in the Receipt Box. This PDF can then be attached to the expense line.