If you currently have your corporate credit card feed imported automatically, you should receive an email indicating the status of the import. (If you do not receive any such email on a daily basis today, contact support@gorillaexpense.com and request their help). This email has a summary of records that were processed successfully and also a summary of records that failed to process. Most common reason for a record to fail to process is that the credit card is not maintained under "Credit Card Profile" section in Gorilla Expense. This can happen when a new card is issued (due to expiration of previous card or because the previous card was lost). If the card is not maintained in Gorilla Expense, you will get the highlighted error below - "Invalid Account Number" in Credit Card Feed Upload Status email notification.


1) Check if Credit Card is maintained in the application under credit card profile. To check this, Log in as admin to the web application and go to Menu->Settings -> Credit Card Profile. If it is not maintained (which most likely it is not - hence, you are getting the error), Click on Create New and create a new profile for this card. You can reference existing credit card profiles if you have any doubt.

After addition of Credit Card Profile, the failed credit card transactions associated with this Credit Card Profile will get automatically processed within 24 hrs. You can also ask the end user to do create their own credit card profile by going into their account and then going to Settings-> Credit Card Profile

2) Check if the Credit card account number is correct/valid. If you want to make corrections to the account number, then edit the credit card profile using the small pencil icon and then re-enter the CC number.