To assign Expense approvers on the user profile, follow the steps mentioned below -

1. Go To Masters->User. A list of users in the system will be displayed.

2. Now click on the small pencil icon to edit the user for which you want to assign Expense approver to.

3. Configure first level approval => Assign Expense Manager for the Expense Status => Submitted to Manager and Save.

4. Click on Multi-Level Approval link  (if you have configured more than 1 level of approvals) to configure expense approvers on additional levels. If you only have one level of approval required, you can skip the following steps

5. Configure second level approval => On Multi-Level Approval screen select Manager which you want to set for the Expense Status Before Approval field to Manager Approved - Level 1 and click on button Add to save this detail. This tells the system that when the status of the report is Manager Approved - Level 1, at that point in time, assign this mentioned manager to the expense report for approval.

6. The third level can be configured if required => Repeat step 5 to set Manager for the Expense Status Before Approval field to "Manager Approved - Level 2"

7. If you want to Edit/Remove the multi-level approval setup for any reason then click on the Remove button to remove and then again you can add these levels using steps 5 and 6.

Note: If there is only one manager (Manager 1) required for a particular employee but the company workflow still includes more than one level of manager approval statuses, then Manager 1 must be set up at both levels for that employee. This will ensure that the workflow is maintained and the email confirmation messages work correctly. In this case, Manager 1 will only need to approve the report once. And similar to the previous example, when the report is approved, the application will change the status to Manager Approved – All Levels.

Here is a typical table for several layers of manager approval and the respective statuses as shown in Table




Status in system

Routed to


Employee submits a report

Submitted to Manager

Manager 1/Department Manager 


Manager 1 approves a report

Manager Approved – Level 1

Manager 2/ Senior Department Manager


Manager 2 approves a report

Manager Approved – Level 2

Manager 3/ Accounting Manager (Final)


Manager 3 approves a report

Manager Approved – All Levels


After step 4, the report will now be available to AP/Accounting to be pushed to the Accounting system. Also, the employee will be notified that the report has been approved at the final level.


Expense Policy Limit: In this mechanism, the multi-level approval workflow will depend on the expense report total amount set up for each user at each respective approval level by the admin on the respective user’s profile. Depending on the amount defined, additional levels of approval will be activated if the amounts defined on that level exceeds the expense report total. Compared to the standard hierarchy, a new field is available on each approval level - this field is called ‘Expense Policy Limit’ as shown in the screenshot below.


In this example, the expense policy limit has been set to $500 on the first level (Submitted to Manager/ Department Manager), $2000 on the second level/ Senior Department Manager (Manager Approved - Level 1) and $10000 on the third level (Manager Approved - Level 2/CFO/ Accounting manager). Manager1 has been set on the first level, Manager2 has been set at the second level and manager3 on the third level. 


In this example, if a user’s expense report is less than $500, only Manager1 will need to approve the expense report. In this case, when Manager1 approves the expense report, the status will change to Manager Approved – All Levels and the report skips approval required by Manager 2 and Manager 3.


If the report amount is greater than $500 & less than $2000 and it has been approved by manager1, the status will change to Manager Approved - Level 1. Next, it will be routed to Manager2 for the second and final approval. After Manager2 has approved the expense report, the status will change to Manager Approved – All Levels and and the report skips approval required by Manager 3. Note that in cases where Manager1 and Manager2 are set up to be the same for a user, the application will intelligently change the status to Manager Approved – All Levels in order to prevent double approvals by the same manager. 

If report is greater than $2000, then approval will be required on all 3 levels.

Note that when the standard hierarchy format is selected, the Expense Policy Limit field will not be seen in a user’s profile. If you would like to enable it, please contact