The integration app usually has issues when there are changes in your environment.

Before contacting us, some of the things we would encourage you to do for timely resolution are as below-

1) Tell us if you have a) reinstalled or installed the integration app recently or b) have recently done any upgrades to your GP system or c) are trying to integrate a new GP company that you never integrated with or d) If you have a new user who is trying to push expenses to GP for the very first time. If you have, there are good chances that it is not a Gorilla Expense issue and could be GP Web Services or GP eConnect or simply the setup was not done for the new GP company or GP updated environment or new user (if it is a new user, then go to point 5). We highly recommend to contact us before you do the upgrade, so we can advice you on planning it better from Gorilla Expense integration perspective.

2) When error happens, open the integration app log file, scroll all the way to the bottom and read it carefully. Most of the times the errors mentioned in the log file are self explanatory. If not, search for the error message on the support portal and see if you can find a resolution. Most likely you will.

3) Compare the settings screen of the integration app with the screenshot of the settings screen in the Admin Access Instructions document that was provided to you when you went live. All settings on your screen should match the one given in Admin Access Instructions document when you went live

4) If the above does not work, then contact Gorilla Expense and always provide BOTH the Integration App settings screenshot and log file.

5) If you have a new user who is trying to push the expenses for the first time to GP, your IT will have to add the user to GP Dynamics Security Console. Refer to page 2 of the attached document. This is something your IT must have done in the past as well and should be familiar with.