Where can I find Corporate Card Expenses within the app?

1) On the Mobile App -> Main Menu -> Expenses -> Bank Tab

2) On the Web App -> Main Menu -> Expense Reports -> Expenses (Look for expenses with source column = Bank)

Why can't a corporate card expense be deleted?

In order to help the AP department reconcile the monthly bank statements across all cards, deleting bank expenses is not supported. Also, if bank transaction are allowed to be deleted, then Admin will never easily know if users have not submitted all of the expenses they made on their corporate card. 

Why does it take 2-3 days for the corporate card expenses to appear on the phone?

Once the transaction is paid via credit card, most credit card companies take 2 days to post it on the credit card statement. Once the expense is posted, the Credit Card Processor (AMEX, Visa or MasterCard) will send them to Gorilla Expense the same day or the next day.

If it is going to take 2-3 days for the bank expenses to appear in the system, what do I do with the receipts in order to make sure they are not misplaced during this period?

Please follow the following process-

1) As soon as you get a receipt, open Gorilla Expense Mobile app and go to "Receipt Box" from the main menu and store your receipt in the Receipt Box. We will sync the receipt with back-end servers and also scan the receipt data for you, if Receipt Scan (an optional add-on) is enabled. 

2) If your receipt is present in your email (Uber receipt, for example), then you can forward it to email@gorillaexpense.com and it will automatically be sent to the Receipt Box section.

3) When the corporate card expenses appear on the phone 2-3 days later, we will try to automatically attach the receipt from the Receipt Box to the incoming expense, if Receipt Scan is enabled, else, you can manually attach the receipt yourself by opening the expense and then clicking on "Add Receipt" - you will be presented with an option to add receipt from the Receipt Box