Steps for Exporting Manager Approved Timesheets in CSV Format


To generate the CSV using the Gorilla Web Application, please follow the below steps:


1) Login into the web application and switch to “Admin Console” by hovering the cursor on the name. 

2) Once the user switches to the Admin Console then go to Integration => Generate Timesheet CSV, refer to the screenshot below.




3) Select the Timesheet Period from the dropdown for which you want to generate the CSV and then select the Company Name from the Company dropdown. Once these two fields are selected and before clicking on the “Generate CSV” button the user can preview the timesheet to see whether the timesheet is getting generated correctly or not. To see the preview of the timesheet, click on the check box “Generate Preview File Only” and then click on “Generate CSV” button. Once the user clicks on “Generate CSV” button the user can see the preview files under “Download Preview File” link.  Please refer to the below sample screenshot for the same.

4) If the preview files looks good then the user can go ahead and generate the CSV. To generate the CSV, uncheck the check box “Generate Preview File Only” and then select the “PR Approved” status from the Update Status to dropdown. Once this option is selected then click on “Generate CSV” Button. After clicking on the “Generate CSV” Button the user can now download the timesheet from “Download PROD File”. Please refer the below screenshot for the same.