Sage Intacct Integration Configuration Steps


Gorilla Expense integrates with Sage Intacct (Time & Expenses Module) using web services (.NET SDK) provided by Sage Intacct. To Integrate with Sage Intacct, we require you to add our sender id to the authorized list, enable web services and then get the Company ID and create the Web Service User and Password

Subscribe to Web Services 

In order to enable third-party integration with Sage, will have to enable web services. Follow the instruction below. 

    1. Company à Subscriptions 

    2. Find ‘Web Services’ and click on it to Subscribe 

    3. Ignore the warning about additional charges

Sender Id Web Service Authorizations

To make web service requests to your company, add our company's sender ID to the Web Service Authorizations list.

    1. Go to the Applications > Company > under Configuration, select Company again > Security tab, then click Edit

    2. In the Web Services Authorization section, click Add 

    3. Enter the Sender ID

    4. Optional, add a description for the sender

    5. Click Save



Obtained the Company ID

Company ID can be accessed in Sage Intacct by going to Company - >Setup Tab -> Configuration -> Company Information section.



Copy the company ID from the screen as shown below -

Steps to Create Web Service User

For Gorilla Expense to be able to access Sage Intacct to create Expense Reports within the Time & Expenses module, you will have to create a web service user account dedicated to running this integration. This user will need a role with “All” permissions to Time & Expenses Module.

Create Role and Assign Permissions

In Sage Intacct, you need to create a new Role for Sage Intacct Integration User, so that this Web Service user has specific permissions to Time & Expenses to create expense reports within this module. Steps to create a Role and Permission are mentioned below. Once the role is created it will be assigned on the Web Service user profile created to run Sage integration with Gorilla Expense

  1. Go to Company, Locate and click on the pulse sign of the Role.


  1. In the Name field enter the name of the role as “Time & Expense Role”. You can’t change this name after you save the role.
  2. optionally, enter a description of the role.

        4. Click Save. The role subscription page appears.

  1. Select Time & Expenses Module and Click on the Permissions link.

       6. Select the “All” option from the top right corner and save changes.

       7. Click Save to create a role once all permissions have been enabled for the Role


Create Web Service User

Steps to create a Web Service user account are mentioned below. Once a Web Service user account is created, Sage Intacct will send you an email with a password after the Web Service user has been created. provide the web service user ID, password, and Company ID to the Gorilla Expense Team.


     1. Select the Application drop-down -> Company -> select ⨁ next to the Web Service Users to add a new Web Service User.

  1. Enter a unique User ID.
  2. Enter First Name, Last Name.
  3. Enter the valid user's Email address.

This field is required whenever the admin initiates a password reset. Because each user is related to only one contact record, this Email address must match the “Primary email address” of the associated Contact name.

       5. Select an existing contact record for the user if they're an employee. If no contact is selected, a contact record will be automatically created based on the name and email address.

       6. Select User Type as Business.

       7. Select off Admin Privileges.


    8. Go to the Role Information Tab. Click in the Role Name cell and select Role “Time & Expense Role” that we had created above in drop down.

  9. Click Save

Sage Intacct Attachments

Gorilla Expense can also send Receipts as attachments to the Sage Intacct, Time & Expenses => Expense report. The pre-requisite for this integration to work is to create the attachment folder with the name ‘GorillaExpenseReceipts’ in the sage Intacct using the following steps.

  • Click on the user name in the top right corner -> My preferences -> Display -> Default attachment folder -> Add -> Attachment Folder name ‘GorillaExpenseReceipts’.