Steps for Exporting Manager Approved Expense Reports in CSV Format

  1. Gorilla Expense allows you to generate and export a CSV or Excel or TXT file consisting of manager approved expenses that can be imported into your accounting system. The actual format of the file generated will be configured in the back-end by Gorilla Expense
  2. Login to the web application with the admin credentials 
  3. Go to Integration -> Generate CSV.  


    4. Select the date range for the data you want to download in the Start Date and End Date fields


   5. Typically, you will download manager approved expenses. Hence, select status as Manager Approved. In order to make sure that the same manager approved expenses are not downloaded again the next time you want to export manager approved expenses to your accounting system, please update the status to “AP Approved”. You can do this by changing the Update Status field as “AP Approved”.

   6. There is also an option to select the company and mapped Business units for which you would like to export expenses. The default value is “All”, but do have an option to export expenses belonging to the users of a specific company/business unit, in case you have users belonging to multiple company/business unit and you desire to export a sub-set of approved expenses.

Also, using option Expense Confirmation Ids you can export the expenses of the specific expense confirmation number. To export the specific expense reports you need to insert the expense confirmation number in comma (,) separated format.

   7. Click Generate. Once the file is generated, you will see a message in green indicating success and a “Download File” link will appear next to the generate button. At this point an email is triggered informing the respective users that their expense report is now “AP Approved”.

   8. Admin can open the file or save it to the local computer.  

   9. This file could then be imported into your accounting system.