Install and Login to Integration App

1) Open the Integration App. You can download the Integration app from here -

2) On the login screen, enter the following as the Login URL -<CompanyName>/service

3) Log in to the integration app using Admin userId and password. Select any account system radio button (For example QB)

Import Credit Card Transactions

4) Once logged in, go to File - > Import Credit Card File ->Import Amex Open CSV



5) Go to Settings and check for Country, State and City checkboxes and then browse for the file downloaded from Make sure you download a file for a specific date range in CSV format. Click done and then click Reload.


6) Click Select All and then Import AMEX Open CSV.



7) All selected transactions will be imported and then displayed in Green. Any transactions that fail will turn Red. Any duplicate transactions that already exist in the system will turn Orange. On the screen below, one transaction failed as it was not able to find the corresponding Employee/User in the system (the Employee Column in empty) and the second transaction (highlighted in Orange) failed as it was already imported before.  The detailed logs can be seen by clicking on “View Log” button


8) Any transactions that turn green on the above screen are successfully imported and can be verified by logging into the web application as an admin and then by going to Expense Reports -> Transactions -> Change source to Bank and click apply