Timesheet Time and Location Tracker Feature allows you a very accurate way to record time spent working on projects and track your location for auditing purpose – all this is possible with a simple start and stop button. When you click start time tracking, we record the start time and location. When you click stop time, we record the stop time and location.

Our simple yet powerful employee time tracking system can track time no matter where you work, whether that’s in-office, remotely, or in the field or what type of device you use (Android, iOS or a desktop).

Now let’s see how to use this feature:


From the navigation bar click on Timesheets => Create Timesheet option. Create Timesheet screen will open, then from the Timesheet dropdown select the date range for which you want to enter the time spent on any of the projects.


Add Time


Now click on the Add row button, a row will get added. Now select the project from the project column for which you want to enter the time. And select all the mandatory fields enabled in your environment. Once all the fields are selected you will see the start green color icon under the “Track Time” column. Go ahead and click on it and the system will start tracking time, once the time tracking is started the start time, start location / start coordinates will also get saved.




Once your task is completed, you can click on Red color icon to stop tracking time and the system will save the total time spent on selected project for that particluar day. Once the time tracking is stopped end location /end coordinates will also get saved and the total time for that date will get populated in the time column.







On click of Add Row button, if tracker is not stopped for previous row then it will show the following message  ‘Stop time tracking before adding a new row’



Copy Time

On click of copy row, a new row with same data from the row that is being copied (for example all the columns enabled in your system like contract, project, cost category, Billing Code, Pay Code etc) will get copied over to the new row. Only the time entered on the row that is being copied is not copied over to the new row.





If while copying the row, time tracker is not stopped for the previous row then it will show the following message ‘Stop time tracking before copying a row’






On click of note icon in the note column, the user will be able to see the time tracker summary as shown below. The notes screen will show details like Start Time, End Time, Start Location, End Location and any comments the user may have entered












 Preview Timesheet in PDF or Excel


User will also get the option to Export the Timesheet Details in PDF and Excel format:



While exporting the PDF – 2 options are available 

  1. Default
  2. By Date






Default Preview – Screenshot




By Date – Preview Screenshot





Using Export to Excel Option – file will get downloaded on your system in the Excel format.