For customers who have the Receipt Scan feature enabled and also have Corporate Credit Cards, Gorilla Expense can automatically attach the receipts to the corresponding corporate credit card expenses that are imported at a later point in time. All the user has to do is drop the receipt in the "Receipt Box". As soon as the user does that we start scanning it. Once we scan it, we will know which corporate card expense to attach it to, once the corporate card charges start coming in at a later point in time. And we do that automatically for you as and when your corporate card charges are imported!

To enable this feature please contact 

If you have the "Receipt Scan" add-on enabled, all you have to do is drop the receipt into the "Receipt Box" section available on your home page of our mobile app (see picture below). You can also access Receipt Box on the web application under "Menu-> Expense Reports-> Receipt Box". Once you add the receipt to the Receipt Box, we will start scanning it and keep it ready to automatically attach it to the corporate card transaction when it comes in at a later point in time (typically 1-2 days after the charge is incurred). 

As the corporate card transactions start coming in at a later point in time, we find the right receipt and attach it to the corresponding corporate card transaction. We find the matching receipt based on the values scanned from the receipt like Amount, Date, and Merchant. In the example shown in the screenshot below, the user's Corporate Card has a charge from Uber and it was imported into Gorilla Expense from Visa. While importing it, we found a receipt sitting in the Receipt Box (Pending Tab) for the same amount, date, and merchant - once the receipt was found it was attached to the incoming credit card charge (refer to the receipt column below has a receipt attached). In the last column below, you will see a small pencil icon, click on it to view the expense and the associated receipt. 

Complete the expense, if any required fields are missing and then click on the Save button.

Your expense will be ready to be attached to an expense report by selecting the expense line shown in the image below and then clicking on the "Attach to Expense Report" orange button.

Successfully attached receipts will move to the "Completed" tab within Receipt Box automatically it helps you to stay organized - refer to the screenshot given below. If we are not able to attach the receipt for you automatically, you will still be able to attach it yourself manually later (refer to the section below), as the receipt would still be available under the "Pending" tab.

Auto-Attach Receipts On-Demand 

As corporate card transactions start coming in, we attach receipts that match the respective transactions (as explained in the section above) and if any transaction's receipts are not available at that time, then you can attach those receipts on-demand using the Auto-Attach link available in the Receipt Box at a later point in time. The Auto-Attach link searches for the matching / corresponding expense based on the values scanned from the receipt like Amount, Date, and Merchant and finds the corresponding expenses associated with the receipts that are successfully scanned and available under the Pending Tab. 

For auto-attaching, the receipts on-demand go to the Expense Reports => Receipt Box

Click on the Options and select the option "Auto Attach"

It will search for the matching / corresponding expense based on the values scanned from the receipt like Amount, Date, and Merchant. Once the search is complete, it will show the expenses found on a popup. Click on the Proceed to attach the receipt to the corresponding expense. If you have added the tags for that receipt, then it will attach those tags as well.

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1. Can you automatically attach receipts sent via email?

YES! We can, but in order to do so, we will have to turn on a setting on your application where we disabled sending emails to the "Expenses or Transactions" section and instead send them to the Receipt Box. Please coordinate with your Admin if you want this feature to be enabled.

2. What if you fail to scan the receipt successfully?

If the receipt scan fails, we will not be able to automatically attach the receipt with the incoming Corporate Card expense. However, you can do so manually (one receipt at a time), by going to the web application -> expenses -> Edit Expense -> Add Receipt-> Merge Receipt.

3. What are some of the reasons the Receipt Scan can fail?

  • If the receipt picture is not clear.
  • If you have more than one receipt in the same picture
  • If you have the handwritten amount on the receipt that is difficult to read. In most cases, handwritten amounts are successfully extracted by our Receipt Scan engine.