Now approvers can approve from the email itself, without logging into the system. This is how the feature works - When you get an email alert to approve, you should see the “Review and Approve” button within the email. If you click on it, it will securely take you to the expense report to review it. You will not have to login to do so. Once you review the report you can approve, reject or redirect it.

To see this "Review and Approve" button (if you don't see it already), you will need to request us at

Notification Email after Submission of the Expense Report for Approval

"Review Expense Report" Screen without Login

Once the approver clicks on the “Review and Approve” button from the email the user will be redirected to the “Review Screen” without having to log in into the Gorilla Expense Application. The approver user can then either Approve, Reject or Redirect the Expense Report.

What if the Expense Report has already been Reviewed?

If the expense report has already been approved, rejected or redirected by the approver and the approver again clicks on the “Review and Approve” button from the email then the approver will be shown the “View Expense Report” page with the following message - “Expense Report already reviewed” or “Expense Report redirected to another manager”. Also, note that the “Review and Approve” email button option will only for 60 days.