What is Receipt Box? 

Our “Receipt Box” feature is like a mini “Dropbox” app within our app that lets you sync receipts across all devices. Storing receipts in the Receipt Box has following additional advantages –


  1. Users do not end up cluttering their phone’s photo gallery – deleting old receipts from the photo gallery can be a pain!     
  2. Even browsing receipts from the phone’s photo gallery is a tough task as all receipts related thumbnails look the same – hence, spotting the receipt you really need can be a challenge. We solve this problem by making the receipt thumbnails within Receipt Box larger and more readable without having to open each receipt!     
  3. We sync receipts across all your devices immediately (if you are connected to the internet) – so users do not end up losing their receipts! Or having wallets full of receipts! Who likes that?   
  4. Once Receipts are attached to an expense line, they automatically move to the “Completed” tab from the “Pending” tab, helping users stay organized!     
  5. Plus Receipts get scanned automatically (using our Receipt Scan add-on) for auditing and productivity reasons! No more users entering the wrong amount or wasting time keying in the information manually!     
  6. Corporate Card Transactions when imported from Visa / MasterCard / American Express, will lookup for the corresponding receipt in the receipt box and attach it automatically!
  7. Have a multi-page Receipt? Or have a Receipt that has Supporting Documents? You can click pictures of each page directly via Receipt Box’s “Camera” Option and then use the “Create PDF” option provided within Receipt Box to combine all pages into a single document. This way you can skip a trip to the scanner!

How to store receipts in the receipts box?

1) When logged onto the mobile application, the first thing you’ll notice is the ‘Receipt Box’ option on the standard menu of a mobile app.

 Viewing Receipts in the Receipt Box

2) When you select the ‘Receipt Box’ menu, you’ll be taken to the section which will display all of your existing receipts.

  • On this screen, the receipts displayed on the “Pending Tab” are not yet attached to any of the expenses.
  • Similarly, the receipts that are attached to expenses or submitted in a report can be found under the ‘Completed Tab’.

Adding Receipt to the Receipt Box

3. Adding Receipt to Receipt Box using Camera or Photo Gallery Option

Select the ‘Options->Add Receipt’ option to add a receipt into the “Receipt Box”. After selecting the option ‘Add Receipt’ you will be asked to select one of the following options -

Camera – It will open the camera on your phone. You can click the picture of the receipt and it will get stored in the Receipt Box.

Photo Gallery – Allows you to select a receipt already stored in the photo gallery of your phone.

Create PDF – We will describe this option in detail in the next section.

Note: All of the receipts created will get stored under the “Pending Tab” of the Receipt Box.


4. Bundling Multiple Receipt Pages into a single PDF file using Create PDF Option (For Multi-Page Receipts)
If you want to attach a multiple page receipt to an expense, you can first store the individual receipt images into Receipt box by using either of the above two options and then select those receipt pages and bundle them up into a single PDF using the "Create PDF" option - which will create a multi-page PDF file that has all the corresponding receipt pages.


Under the “Receipt Box” menu select the “Options” link and then choose the “Add Receipt” option and then you can find the “Create PDF” option.

Select the “Create PDF” option and it will show you all the receipts under the "Pending" Tab. Select the relevant receipts to create a PDF from it and then select the option “Create PDF”. It will take you to the “Arrange” Screen where you can swap the order of the receipts (press, Hold and drag) and then finally you need to select the option “Preview” link to see the final version of the PDF.

Then you need to choose the “Save” option to create the PDF. Please check the screenshot below for reference.



How to Attach Receipts Stored in Receipt Box to an Expense?

Currently, there are 2 ways to attach a receipt to an Expense -

  1. Attaching a Receipt to Expense from the ‘Expenses’ tab.
  2. Attaching a Receipt to Expense from the ‘Receipt Box’.

Attaching a receipt from the ‘Expenses’ tab

Go to the ‘Expenses’ tab on your mobile app. Open existing expense or create a new expense, click on the receipt (camera icon) on the edit screen. Select the option ‘Receipt Box’ from the list. You will be taken to the receipt box’s pending tab to select the receipt, now select the receipt you want to attach and then use the ‘Select’ option. Once the ‘Select’ option is used, the receipt will be automatically attached to the expense temporary and selecting the ‘Save’ option, it will get attached to the expense permanently.

Attaching a Receipt to Expense from the ‘Receipt Box’

Select the ‘Receipt Box’ Menu on your mobile app. Open existing receipt (from pending tab), select the “Option” option.

Select the "Attach To Existing Expense" option from the list, if you already have an expense created or an expense that was imported from your credit card statement. Select the "Attach to New Expense" option, if the corresponding expense is not yet created. These two and other options are described below in detail -


  • Attach to Existing Expense: It will take you to the expenses screen to select the expense that you want to attach it to. Then select the expense to attach the receipt. The receipt will get attached to the selected expense, as shown above. Select the “Save” option to attach the receipt to it. Once attached, the receipt will move to the ‘Completed’ tab.
  • Attach to New Expense: It will open a new expense for you, the receipt will be already attached to it. Follow the regular process for creating a new expense by filling in fields like amount, expense type, etc and save the expense. Once attached, the receipt will move to the ‘Completed’ tab.
  • Delete: It will delete the receipt from the receipt box.
  • Save to Photo Gallery: It will save the receipt in your mobile’s photo gallery.