Install and Login to Integration App

1) Open the Integration App. You can download the Integration app from here - 

2) Pre-Requisite for the integration app is the .NET framework. Also you will need to publish the required webservices on the NAV server. For details refer to Gorilla Expense NAV Integration Setup Instructions - Customer-Project-Project Task .docx

3) Username and password will be same as the admin username/password used to log into Gorilla Expense. Then select MS NAV or MS NAV Serenic from the dropdown list as shown in screen below.

Login URL will be


 Import Project Tasks

       1) Once logged in, go to File - > Import  Master Data -> Import Project tasks Import using Connector


2) Select settings menu and enter NAV connection string (which is the webservices URL), Domain Name: is the server where NAV is installed, NAV User Name and Password: Username and password will be same as the one used to log into Windows. Select Import Data Modified After: date, only data modified after this date in NAV will be imported. For the initial load, you can select a date few months or even a year in the past. The reason for this setting is to ensure the import is quick and old / irrelevant data is not imported


       3) Select Save option to save the settings.

       4) Select Reload. This should populate all the data from the provided NAV server on the Gorilla Expense Integration App Grid (as shown below). The user can then select all the records to be imported by choosing the “Select All” option or can manually select the desired record(s) to be imported 


       5) After selecting the records to be imported, user selects the “Import Project Tasks” button. On successful import, the records turn green. In case of unsuccessful import, the record turns red and on hovering the unsuccessful record the reason for failure is displayed. The reason for failure can also be found by choosing the “View log “option


       6) After successfully importing Project Tasks, user should login to Gorilla Expense Web Application as an Admin and Go to Project Masters -> Job/Tasks and check if the imported Project tasks/jobs are displayed