Bank Comment/Category mapping 

The Bank Comment Mapping section is relevant to customers importing AMEX or MasterCard or Visa credit card feed into the system. The section allows the administrator to auto-map expense type and vendor fields using description column in the feed. For example, If in the credit card feed, in the respective transaction description field you have a description that says “Hilton”, the admin can map it to expense type “Hotel” and vendor “Hilton”. Similarly, a keyword like Airlines can be mapped to Expense Type “Airfare”. 

If the credit card feed provides a category column, the admin can map broader category to an expense type. For example, category of “Accommodation” can be mapped to Expense Type “Lodging” Or “Hotel”. This way fewer mapping entries will have to be maintained by the admin.

Similarly, if the credit card feed provided Vendor details, we can map this information to auto-create vendor if it does not already exist. To enable this feature, you may leave the vendor field empty during the mapping and contact Gorilla Expense Team. The downside to this would be that the system will create vendors as they appear in the credit card feed.

Below Figure shows the screens relevant to Bank Comment Mapping

Create New Bank Comment

Comments/ KeywordEnter the comments of the VendorAlphanumeric, with special charactersYes
Expense typeSelect the expense typeYes
Vendor nameSelect the vendor nameYes