Question: How are NAV Dimensions populated by Gorilla Expense Integration App when it pushes data to NAV? For example, We want to populate the Dimension Code “DEPARTMENT” and for this example the dimension value code would be “SALES”.  I know that each user profile has a field called Business Unit where we can assign the corresponding value to the user. But where can we specify what dimension code within NAV (“DEPARTMENT”) we want this to go to?

Solution: As per the attached NAV Dimension setup screen shown below, DEPARTMENT is actually setup as dimension code 1 in NAV. You will need to setup a mapping for shortcut dimension code 1 as "Business Unit" on the integration app settings screen.  This essentially tells the Gorilla Expense integration app that the business unit on the user profile in Gorilla Expense is associated with dimension code 1 in NAV. Dimension Code 1 in turn is mapped to dimension called DEPARTMENT in NAV. 

Please see the link below & also the attached images for further clarification -